All is not lost, Jurassic Park fans. While many thought that the third instalment in the franchise would be the end of it but news has filtered through to us, via Screen Rant, that Steven Spielberg has been tossing ideas around with screenwriter Mark Protosevich about bringing the franchise back to life.

Joe Johnston, the man responsible for the last Jurassic Park film, also spoke out recently about the potential for new films in the series. "We are in discussions about Jurassic Park 4. The most important thing I can tell you is that it starts a new trilogy that will go off in a different direction - a completely different direction that is very exciting, and different from anything we've seen. It starts with the history of the first trilogy, but it spins off in a completely different direction. That's all I can tell you."

Sounds intriguing, but they've been promising us another Jurassic Park film for years so don't hold your breath.

-John Balfe