I've been a fan of Joe Carnahan's since his absolutely brilliant second film, NARC, and I actually thought he did a stellar job with The A-Team movie. That said, we won't be seeing a sequel anytime soon on account of the so-so box-office and the director explained why that happened.

"We blew the marketing on that. We blew it, not just Fox, I was part of it. We came out at a date that I was always very leery of because it was the opening day of the World Cup. We opened in Mexico the day that they played South Africa in the opener, and I just thought “You know what’s gonna happen? Dad’s gonna stay home and watch soccer, Mom’s gonna take the kids to a movie, what are they gonna see? They’re gonna go see The Karate Kid, they’re not gonna see The A-Team." What the hell were Fox thinking? Surely at some point someone would have pointed out the World Cup game dates?

It's strange; because Carnahan obviously made the movie that they wanted him to. The A-Team was a family friendly, broad action flick and they normally rake in the clams. Be nice to see a sequel done right... His next movie, also starring Liam Neeson, The Grey, is out January 27th.