The film Overboard is one of those '80s gems that is almost like a comfort blanket - see also Three Men and a Baby and Adventures in Babysitting.

It starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and was about a rich, mean woman who falls... overboard... eh, while on a boat. She loses her memory and is convinced by one of her employees (Russell) that they're actually married.

It sounds sinister, but, y'know, just look at the trailer.

Anyhow, with a Splash remake coming our way with Channing Tatum as a MerMAN (HA!), the roles will be reversed here too. The very funny Anna Faris will play a single, working-class mom who convinces a Mexican playboy that he’s her husband. Latin star Eugenio Derbez - who was the creative force behind sleeper hit Instructions Not Included - will be the crass playboy.

The late, great Garry Marshall directed the original - no word on a helmer for this one. But the script is by Rob Greenberg (How I Met Your Mother) and Bob Fisher (We’re the Millers).

Via Variety