It may not be long before you spot a few Stormtroopers or Tom Cruise tearin it up in The Burren, because word on the street is that JJ Abrams wants to shoot scenes from Star Wars and Mission: Impossible in Ireland.

As per The Sunday World, Abrams has already met with top Irish film execs to talk about his plans to shoot on the Emerald Isle. Apparently he's "incredibly keen" to shoot here, and sure hasn't the Irish Film Board already been discussing the finer points with the Star Trek director.

"The Irish Film Board, working with Trina Vargo of the US-Ireland Alliance, has been in discussions with JJ Abrams and his team at Bad Robot about filming a number of projects on their slate in the Republic of Ireland" Chief Executive James Hickey told the newspaper. "We have provided them with briefings about Ireland’s tax incentive Section 481, our accessible locations, world-class crew and production companies."

Now Enda, this is one Gathering we'd just love to be a part of, what with JJ's missus Katie being of Irish descent and all. Sure they wouldn't have far to travel either, given that they're shooting the new Star Wars movie in the UK inallinanyways. And hasn't Tom already told our Caroline he loved working in Dingle? We're sure it wouldn't take too much persuasion from M:I5 producer JJ to convince him to come back to our shores.

We're thinking Star Wars Episode VII: Return to Clones. As in the town. Not those awful prequel creations... We clearly need to stop. Your #IrishStarWars suggestions are more than welcome though.