Kick Ass 2 could be adding a huge comedic actor, with the news breaking this morning that Jim Carrey is being sought for a possible role in the sequel.

Deadline are saying that the producers really want the Dumb and Dumber star to play Colonel Stars, the main recruiter for a group of crimefighters. The reason Carrey is being linked is that he's vocally been a huge fan of the original, so funding studio Universal will be keen to get him for a knock down price given that it's a seemingly credible role for the actor. Aaron Johnson, Chloe Mortez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and (apparently, somehow) Nicolas Cage are set to return for the follow up that will see original helmer Matthew Vaughn replaced by Jeff Wadlow.

Love the first one and although Vaughn isn't coming back as director, he's still involved creatively and was reportedly instrumental in the hiring of Wadlow. Looking forward to more acerbic action.