Robert De Niro was in 'Heat', one of the most technically proficient action movies ever made. He also starred in 'Awakenings', a subtle and haunting drama with a compelling and captivating performance.

He's been in 'Taxi Driver', 'Raging Bull', he's appeared in the likes of 'The Godfather, Part II' and, of course, 'Goodfellas'. But, in more recent years, Robert De Niro has opted for slightly less prestigious and culturally significant fare.

He starred in 'Dirty Grandpa' alongside Zac Efron, he did 'Righteous Kill' with fellow luminary Al Pacino that was so bad, you probably blocked it out of your brain. This advertisement, however, for English bagel company Warburtons is another thing entirely.

Think of someone you've admired and respected for their integrity and commitment to craft and skill. They have honed their work over many, many years and represent an authenticity that you yourself would strive towards. They are, or were, in your mind a paragon of artistic commitment and intensity.

Now, they're selling English bagels. What happened, Robert De Niro? Does he have some kind of tax issues or something? Is there something up in his personal life that he needs to do this? Does he enjoy destroying his own legacy? Legacy can be a terrifying thing for some people. Maybe this is his way of exorcising any kind of respect and expectation from it.

Something has got to be behind this other than just the money. That's what we're telling ourselves. Don't click the video unless you want to see a screen icon brought low to sell carbs. You won't be the same.