A lot of people have commented on how they think Tom Cruise lives in the crowds, and now the actor will play the lead role in the new film from Tron: Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski, set on actual clouds.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the gorgeous star of Tree of Life and The Help, Jessica Chastain, has just joined the project formally known as Oblivion. As previously mentioned the plot is "a love story taking place in an apocalyptic future where most of the population lives in clouds since the Earth is no longer habitable. A Earthbound repairman whose job it is to work on drones that fight alien life forms meets a woman who forces him to question his world view." I personally really liked the Tron sequel, I thought it got a hard time. It was stiff in parts, but the scope and atmosphere was generally impressive. This one sounds similarly "out there" and with Cruise in the lead role should have the budget to back that up.

Naturally, Chastain will play Cruise's lover. The actress is currently hot stuff in Hollywood after impressing hugely in a trio of well received flicks.