Jesse Eisenberg headlines offbeat black comedy, 'The Art of Self-Defense', which has been garnering strong reviews after premiering at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March.

In 'The Art of Self-Defense', Eisenberg plays a timid bookkeeper who is assaulted and decides to take up Karate to learn how to defend himself. He meets intense Sensei, Alessandro Nivola, and things get... weird.

One of those trailers you can't take your eyes away from, there's a lot going on here; Eisenberg seems perfectly cast and Nivola is one of those actors who incredibly well-respected by his peers, but somehow flies under the radar. He also hasn't aged since 'Face/Off'.

Imogen Poots co-stars, as does a very cute dog we actually want to pet. That one pushed us over the edge, to be honest.

'The Art of Self-Defense' is released in US cinemas in July and hopefully here soon after. We'll also see Eisenberg in 'Zombieland' sequel 'Double Tap' later this year.