It's hard to know exactly what's going on with Justice League, now that Zack Snyder has departed the set and Joss Whedon is understood to have reshot extensively in his absence - so much so, in fact, that there was talk that he was due to a co-director's credit.

A report by fansite has it that the latest cut of Justice League has removed Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor from the film entirely. Luthor wasn't intended to be the main villain - that goes to our own Ciaran Hinds, who plays Steppenwolf - but it is interesting that he's now no longer there.

Eisenberg's hammy performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the many complaints levelled against the film, so if it's more of the same in Justice League, it's something they can do without. No doubt, however, that the scene or scenes featuring Lex Luthor will make their way into the home release of the film.

There's still no word on a runtime for Justice League, however earlier rumours suggested that there was a three-hour cut of the film. Snyder, however, denied this a few weeks ago and this latest rumour seems to back that up.

Justice League hits Irish cinemas on November 17th.