The Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg thinks being proud of his film work, or affected by his movies' success is 'obnoxious'.

Unlike many other young actors, Mr Eisenberg has a really hard time watching himself on the big screen and finds it difficult to be prideful of his acting work. He should be proud, he's a damn good actor, but isn't it nice to see a bit of humility in the younger generation of actors? They may be very talented, but to think at such a young age that you have it all figured out or that you don't still have a tonne of stuff to learn, would be a grave mistake. Nice to know he's still got his head screwed on.

He's so humble about his profession, in fact, he hasn't yet sat down to watch his latest movie. Speaking to Metro newspaper he said: 'Oh, I don't watch things I've done. Who walks around proud of things they've done? That's an obnoxious quality.'

We're not used to seeing 29-year-old Jesse play the role we find here in this magician, heist thriller; we're more accustomed to seeing him play the geeky, jittering, mile-a-minute dude that we got in the likes of Adventureland, Zombieland and The Social Network. 'This was the first movie I really enjoyed making. Afterwards I realised it's because my character really likes himself. My experience parallels whatever the character is feeling. It was therapeutic in a way.'

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