Oh how we all rejoiced when we found out that there was going to be another Bourne movie with the original Jason Bourne (no, not Richard Chamberlain), when Matt Damon and director of the first two sequels, Paul Greengrass apparently hatched a storyline and booom, Bourne was back.

During all of the excitement of Damon coming back, we kind of forgot that there was another Bourne film a couple of years ago, The Bourne Legacy, that starred the ace Jeremy Renner. The film wasn't very good and did OK business, but Universal were apparently pushing forward with a sequel to that one too.

Recently Renner spoke to Crave Online when doing publicity for the far lower key, Kill the Messenger and spewed the below when asked if his film was still happening with Fast and Furious 3/4/5/6 director, Justin Lin.

"No, it's still moving. Yeah, it's still moving. We have our director who's actually run off to do the True Detective series right now, and then while that's happening they're finishing writing the script. I know Greengrass and Damon... well, I've heard have maybe cracked an idea, a reason to continue the Bourne series, which is fantastic.

They have created a very exciting universe, and hopefully in my mind I'd love for us to do something together. If not on the next one, sometime very soon. I think that would be really great. I know I want it. I feel like the fans want it as well.

I think you pit them against each other, and then they go together against the bad guy. We realize that we're not the enemy. I mean, I think a thousand people can come up with that scenario, but I think you do both. I think that could be really interesting. Mind you, there have been NO talks, whatsoever, creatively about that. So that's just the fanboy in me, I suppose."

Renner is deadly; the man has been nominated for 2 Oscars for a very good reason. But his Aaron Cross may just get in the way of Damon's Bourne, so it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.