Any Jennifer Lawrence news is good news in our book, amirite? The Best Actress Oscar winner has just signed on the dotted line to appear in yet another new movie, The Rules of Inheritance.

Deadline report that this movie will be based on a memoir by Clair Bidwell Smith and directed by Susanne Bier.

The story? As a 14 year old girl discovers that both of her parents have been diagnosed with cancer, she goes on a journey of discovery, sampling all that sex, drugs and exploration has to offer as means to cope with her fear of loss. Certainly sounds like an interesting premise.

She's a busy girl, is our J-Law. Between this, the upcoming Serena (which is also directed by Bier and sees her reunite again with Bradley Cooper), her work on X-Men Days of Future Past, and the forthcoming sequel to The Hunger Games (Catching Fire), she's without doubt the hottest and most sought after actress working in Hollywood right now. Here's hoping with all of the above, we earn ourselves a little one on one with Jack Nicholson's acting idol. Come oooonnn.