I heart Jennifer Lawrence. Both in the inappropriate she's only 20 (I'm 28), stop perving way, and in the general, "wow best young actress working today" sense. So I'm glad she's carrying the momentum from her (thoroughly deserved) Oscar nomination to other projects.

We'll next see Lawrence in X-Men: First Class in June, but she's since become attached to Oliver Stone's new flick, Savages. According to Darkhorizons.com (via Variety) Lawrence would play the wild child girlfriend of two best mate pot growers. Stone has apparently met with the likes of Aaron Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco and Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund for the male leadsJohnson is a very fine actor, but age wise couldn't act opposite any of the other guys and have it be believable. Franco and DiCaprio would be an interesting pairing though. 

Shooting on the film is to begin in June.