All-female reboots are now officially the Next Big Thing in mainstream cinema.

As we know, Ghostbusters is headed to our screens later this summer with an all-female leading cast of Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. There's also been rumours of an all-female Expendables for many years and now, Ocean's 11 is next for the treatment.

It's been confirmed that Sandra Bullock will lead the reboot with Hunger Games director Gary Ross behind the camera. Both George Clooney and previous director Steven Soderbergh are involved with producing, however reports are surfacing that another big name is due to join.

Namely, Jennifer Lawrence. It's understood that Lawrence will be the Brad Pitt to Sandra Bullock's George Clooney - and if she isn't called Danielle Ocean, that's a loss for everyone. According to reports, the story will be a continuation of the trilogy in which Bullock plays Clooney's sister - herself an ex-con.

The film is undoubtedly in response to the consistent problems Hollywood and mainstream cinema has had with women roles, with many high-profile women speaking out against it. Just recently, Jodie Foster slammed modern films and their portrayal of women at the Cannes Film Festival.

There's no official release date set for the Ocean's Eleven reboot, but expect an official confirmation and announcement pretty soon.