Ah, Jeff Goldblum. You can't help but love him.

As we know, the former star of Ireland's National Lottery (yes, it was a thing) has reprised his role in Independence Day: Resurgence and, sure enough, the fact that he's willing to come back for that means he must be open to coming back for Jurassic World, due out in 2018.

So, during an interview, Goldblum was pitched the question and his response was... incredible. When told that his presence would greatly benefit the sequel, Goldblum thanked the interviewer profusely and said, "Yes, yes, but what movie doesn't need a little seasoning of Goldblum? So few. The Danish Girl? No, not really. Not that one."

Ugh. Incredible. There's more. When pushed on the question, Goldblum replied that he's "nothing if not open. I'm like an open-faced sandwich. My door is not always open -- I took the door off. I removed the hinges from the door. I'm too open. I'm like a chicken piccata. What was I about to say? Oh yes, the two (Jurassic) movies I did with them were plenty. If I never did anything more, I'd certainly be well satisfied."

Hello, Universal executives. We know you're reading this. So, let's just get this out of the way - you need to hire Jeff Goldblum back for Jurassic World 2. Whatever his quote is, pay it. We know how much money Jurassic World made. We know that it was a huge success. You can afford to pay for Jeff Goldblum.

He doesn't even have to have lines. You can just park him in a random scene and mic him up and let him away. It will increase Jurassic World 2's ability to earn money at the box-office and we can guarantee an extra star-rating for Jeff Goldblum's presence. It's the right thing to do, Universal.

#JeffGoldblumForJurassicWorld2 - let's get it trending, folks.


Via Fandango