Can you believe it's been 20 years since 'The Big Lebowski' graced our screens?

Well you better believe it, and some of the cast even had a mini-reunion recently to celebrate. John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and Jeff Bridges appeared on the 'Today' show to be interviewed about the cult classic, and afterwards Bridges tweeted a picture of the reunion in all of it's glory. He said "Missing some of our cast here, but it was a blast getting back together with John and Steve for the 20th Anniversary of #TheBigLebowski":

They they are now, and they're all still looking mighty 20 years on.
It was said that John Turturro was working a a kind-of sequel to 'Big Lebowski' back in 2015, with the actor teasing that his latest movie had "some sort of connection" to the film, and it actually turned out to be true. 'Going Places' has since finished production, and Turturro will reprise his role as Jesus Quintana from the original. The film will release in 2019, but we're holding out for at least a brief cameo from these three somewhere along the line.
Check out the whole 'Today' show interview below:

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