Upcoming cinematic disasterpiece Sharknado 3 has been getting quite the coverage online of late.

It's mostly due to Jedward who will be starring in the film. But more to the point, Jedward have been taking requests online from fans about what they should do.

To be honest, it's kind of amazing to see this sort of press junket actually happen. Often, junkets are quite austere and serious.

For this, they're floating down the Thames with an inflatable shark and eating Tangle Twisters.

Can you imagine Daniel Day-Lewis doing something like this for his next Spielbergian epic? Didn't think so.

That's some excellent sucking skills that they've got going on. What? That's what they did. They sucked it in one gulp. That's impressive. Could Edward Norton or Meryl Streep do that?


That's some terrible dancing. Bruce Forsythe would be disgusted with you. Two out of ten.


They're singing it in hillbilly style. Amazing. We need to get Daniel Craig to do something similar for the next Bond theme.


Look, we get that they're consciously ripping the piss out of themselves - but dammit if it's not hilarious. Plus, all future press junkets should involve Tangle Twister eating challenges.

Or, at the very least, an inflatable shark somewhere in view.


Via Twitter