We know Jedward fans have us down as... well, let's just say we had a run-in with them and leave it at that.

Or, y'know, you could read this and it'll explain it all.

Anyway, it now appears that Lucan lads John and Edward Grimes, collectively known as Jedward, could very well be making their feature film debut.

As Jedward aficionados will know, they're actually good friends with - gigantic inverted commas -  actress Tara Reid and have been regularly papped with her on numerous occasions.

As Reid's Twitter account documents, the three of them are hanging out and using the Sharknado 3 hashtag a lot. We know, it's not exactly concrete evidence.

We just want to hold on to the possibility that Jedward may be eaten by rampaging, horribly CGI'd sharks for as long as possible.


Via Twitter