Jean-Claude Van Damme is pushing 54 - but he could still totally beat the crap out of you.

The muscles from Brussels has signed on to star in a reboot of a film that launched his career - Kickboxer.

Van Damme will play the role of Master Chow, played in the 1989 original by Dennis Chan in the original.

Fellow martial arts legend Tony Jaa was initially lined up for the role, however dropped out to scheduling projects.

In the role Van Damme played originally wil be Alain Moussi, who was a stuntman on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

UFC's Georges St. Pierre, who played the French baddie leader Batroc at the start of Captain America: Winter Soldier, will also star in the Kickboxer reboot.

The film will be directed by Stephen Fung and John Stockwell. Stephen Fung is a well-known Hong Kong actor and has directed several Chinese films whilst John Stockwell also built up a steady directing career. He was also Cougar in Top Gun, so that's pretty cool.

Bonus points if you can tell us what film the header image is from. Hint: It's actually not Kickboxer.

The Kickboxer reboot is expected in 2016.