Jamie Foxx has given some wonderful insight into a scene in his new Quentin Tarantino directed Western, Django Unchained. The actor spoke to Collider.com about his co-star Kerry Washington and how difficult it was for her - while highlighting Tarantino's softer side.

"The most courageous person in this movie is Kerry Washington. We’re all guys. If you do something bad to guys, that’s to be expected. But, when Kerry had to take lashes, that was the toughest scene. But, Quentin Tarantino would play music in between takes, so when they were giving her lashes, I asked if we could play this song by gospel singer Fred Hammond, called “No Weapon.” While they were doing that, it was in shack row and they were about to give her lashes, and they had speakers set up throughout the whole place with that song playing. There was one black lady who was an extra from New Orleans, who had never been on a set before, but she know that song. Her hands went up and she was rocking back and forth with the child she was standing with. I saw Quentin shooting and water had filled up in his eye piece because he was touched. It was an amazing thing. When you see it on the screen, you’ll feel it."

In a really good, but short interview, Foxx also added, "All I can say is thank you to Quentin Tarantino. I told him that, if he gets married, I’ll sing at the wedding. I’ll DJ his bedroom, if I need to. I’ll be like, “What y’all wanna hear?” In this business, it really does come down to moments like this that change your career. I don’t know what I would do, if I wasn’t in this movie. I think this movie is one of the ones that will really change the trajectory of where I was going. That’s thanks to him."

Django Unchained is released in Irish cinemas on St Stephen's Day.