The 2011 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival was launched last night. Armed with a Jameson and coke, I, along with a jam packed Tripod, waited patiently for Grainne Humphreys (Festival Director) and Arthur Lappin (Chairman) to take to the stage to fill us in on who's coming to town in February.

The 2011 programme features over 130 screenings plus a myriad of special events, panel discussions, public interviews and industry master classes, with special guests at the festival including Emilio Estevez, Martin Sheen (for The Way), Kevin Spacey (who will come over for a special screening of The Usual Suspects), Richard Ayoade, Ken Loach, Jim Loach, Guillaume Canet, Harry Shearer, Timothy Spall, Aiden Gillen, Eva Birthistle, George Nolfi, Fiona Glascott and Andrew Scott *takes deep breath*.

In the way of talent from last night, the gorgeous Charlene McKenna, the talented and familiar Maura Tierney, who was once a doctor in ER, were there. Other guests included Mr World Kamal Ibrahim, Sean Munsanje, new mum Alison Canavan with longtime friend AJ Celi, star of E! show Married to Rock, along with Michael Hayes, Elsa Jones, while Cathy O’Connor and Triona Mccarthy added some glam to the festivities as up-and-coming comedy magician Steve Spade entertained the crowds.

As per every year, we have a special JDIFF section, over yonder with a comprehensive timetable, lots of photos and throughout the festival, we will have interviews everyday with some of the incredible guests and from special events around the city.