James Gunn's cracking sounding vigilante flick, Super, has been the first major sale of The Toronto Film Festival, after a successful premiere that saw buzz building from the closing credits.

The film centres on Rainn Wilson's Crimson Bolt, a man who reacts to Kevin Bacon's drug dealer stealing his wife by dressing up as a superhero and telling crime to "shut up" by beating criminals (or those that annoy him) severely with a metal wrench. He even manages to get himself a sidekick, with a foulmouthed Ellen Page garnering some rave reviews as Boltie, a sociopathic comic book store worker. IFC Films will distribute the independently funded production, after numerous offers were made for the film after the screening. Nathan Fillion and Liv Tyler also star. 

I'm a huge fan of Gunn's work. He wrote and directed the criminally underrated Slither, whilst he's also responsible for the script for one of the best remakes in recent memory, Dawn of the Dead. His blogs are hilarious as well, and he makes a genuine effort to respond to fans on Twitter and Facebook. No release date has been set for here yet, but I'm looking forward to it whenever it is.