The Room, for those that don't know, is oft considered to be one of film's greatest disasters. Easily one of the best-worst films ever made, The Room is now a cult hit and the production behind the film is like an urban myth. There are endless rumours as to how Tommy Wiseau, the writer / director / producer / star of The Room, gathered together a budget to make the film.

Some say he sold leather jackets from South Korea whilst others believe it was a money-laundering operation for arms dealers. Yeah, really.

Some answers may finally be gleaned as the long-awaited adaptation of The Disaster Artist, the book written by one of the film's actors, is due to start production.

James Franco optioned the rights to the book last year and has cast his brother, Dave Franco, to play Greg Sistero - the guy who played Mark in the original. Franco will take on the role of Tommy Wiseau, probably through the medium of prosthetics and bad hair-dye.

Seth Rogen is set to star and produce alongside Franco a few others, although what Rogen's role will be in the film remains unclear as of yet.

This isn't the first time Franco's took on an obscure film with a lot of mythos surrounding it. Interior - Leather Bar was a film that explored the missing 40 minutes of William Friedkin's controversial film, Cruising.


Via TrackingBoard.com