Will you be satisfied with just two more Avatar films? As per Collider, back in May director James Cameron made the broad claim that if it were possible, he'd be making Avatar movies for pretty much the rest of his life: "I'm in the Avatar business, period. That's it. I'm making Avatar 2, Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4." Now though, it seems he has decided on finishing up after a third flick. Producer Jon Landau has since confirmed that the next two films will shoot back to back very soon.

"We [are] doing two back-to-back, but not a third... The scripts are pretty far along. We have a team of people already working on the film at Manhattan Beach Studios. We’ve been working with WETA Digital on technologies... You know, Titanic was supposed to be a summer movie and it was a Christmas movie... We're going to make the best possible version of these movies, and they will come out when they are exactly that."

Landau was then asked about the possibility of a 3D Terminator 2 or a 3D Aliens; two ideas he's not altogether ruling out. "I think, if we get through the next two Avatars, Jim would love to... I think Jim really feels that the 3D enhances the storytelling process, and I think both of those movies would be ideal candidates to do this with."

Is three Avatars enough? Would we be able for a fourth?