George Lucas is turning to a thespian to helm his latest project, the WWII fighter pilot film Red Tails; well, at least according to Samuel L Jackson anyway. "I just read it like two weeks ago. It's a pretty good script. At one point (Lucas) was asking me if I'd ever want to direct anything. I said, 'I don't know, man. I'm trying to find things.' He said, 'Well, let me send you this thing. Maybe you might want to direct it.'" said Jackson. When asked if he'd actually consider helming it he said "I don't know. I don't have a year and a half of my life where I wanna stop acting... if I was gonna direct something George would be a great guy to kind of mentor me through that, especially a big ass special effects flying picture. The script's good. I like it." Yeah, just like he mentored Spielberg on the last Indiana Jones picture... that reeeeally worked out well for everyone.