BEWARE NON MOVIE NEWS PIECE (but this is my section so I'm plugging this).

 I've been knocking around fitness pieces for a while here on, and while some have looked at things like Ultramarathons and Ironman 70.3 races, others have concentrated on more obtainable goals (for people without a chemical imbalance) like a half or full marathon.

There are now events with the emphasis more on "craic," but that are still a massive challenge for anyone wishing to take part. More recently to cater for such races, "obstacle course" events have popped up, and the Craic Assault Course has proved to be a hugely popular one. There is a long 10km course and a 5.6km course to cover all levels of fitness. Some of the obstacles include hay bale jumps, rope pulls, a 30m fishing net to scramble under, tyre obstacles, water crossings, plenty of mud and a giant water slide. You also don't have to take part in the water based obstacles if you don’t want to, but you may have to hand in a "man card" (my words, not the organisers) if you don't.

The latest event is on the 24th of September. The course is located in Waterstown Park, Palmerstown, and you can sign up right here on Entrance for the event closes Thursday night at midnight, so if you'd like to challenge yourself and have some fun, get cracking (so to speak).