In the The Disaster Artist James Franco plays the role of Tommy Wiseau, the real-life writer, director and star of 2003’s cult hit ‘The Room’ which has been dubbed as the worst film ever made.

The new movie, which is generating some Oscar buzz, chronicles the making of the The Room and also stars Seth Rogen, Alison Brie and Josh Hutcherson.

In an interview with Slash Film, Franco and his brother Dave revealed that James would also be in character behind the camera and it took a while for the cast and crew to adjust.

"I think it was a weird experience for most people the first time they came to set. I'd been going through pre-production, testing out the prosthetics, and that was a two or two-and-a-half-hour thing every morning, and then I was the director, so I was there before everyone,” said James.

"Seth (Rogen) showed up, and he hadn't seen me or been around pre-production for a while, and he couldn't handle it. The whole day, he could not handle it. That was how everybody was when they showed up. Like, 'What?!'"

"After a while, we would sort of get used to it, but there were so many cameos in the movie where every day a new person would show up, and we'd kind of have to prep them. We'd be like, 'So, you're not going to be around James today,'" Dave added.

Here’s a reminder of the trailer-

We’re excited for this one. The Disaster Artist hits cinemas on December 1st.

Via: Digital Spy/Slash Film