The character's big screen debut back in 2011 didn't connect with critics or audiences but with a superhero universe to build, it looks like Warner Bros. and DC feel they can't leave the Green Lantern out of it. 

A new Green Lantern movie, titled Green Lantern Corps, is in the works and Warner Bros. have brought in a (relatively) safe pair of hands to oversee it - David Goyer.

Having worked on The Dark Knight trilogy and Batman v Superman, Goyer is no stranger to the DC Universe. According to Empire, Goyer is working on the script along with up and coming writer Justin Rhodes. 

The report says that Hal Jordan, who was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 movie, will feature in the new film. As will African American Marine sniper John Stewart, who is just one of the other comic book incarnations of the Lantern.

While nothing official has been announced just yet, don't expect to see Reynolds reprise the role of Jordan. Considering how badly the original movie went down it's unlikely either he or Warner Bros. would want him to see him don the green suit again. 

It sounds like there is an urgency to get this one off the ground quickly and get a director and cast in place. Green Lantern obviously won't have any involvement in next year's Justice League and perhaps not the planned sequel but we imagine Warner Bros. would have big plans for the character beyond that if the solo movie proves successful.