Hold on to your immaculately styled scalp, as screenwriter John Hamburg has revealed that a sequel to the brilliant 2001 comedy Zoolander may very well be in the works.  The writer/director was out promoting his new comedy I Love You, Man when he spewed to MTV that: "Ben (Stiller) and I have talked about it for a little while." before adding: "I think someday we will make that movie." Stiller of course directed the film, but Hamburg's comments do make for interesting titbits; the fact that they're even talking about a sequel to the film is encouraging. The first is a classic, and one of the most rewatchable comedies of the decade, so it'd be interesting to see what direction Stiller would take the character, if indeed it does happen. Maybe Derek tries his luck at acting, like so many past it models have done in the past? It'd be right up Stiller's satirical street anyway. Fingers crossed it happens, anyway.