It's a good news day for Star Wars fans in Ireland.

As we reported, Luke Skywalker himself is down country pulling pints - WITHOUT A BEARD, BY THE WAY - and the production for Episode VIII is well underway.

There's rumours coming in that Netflix may be getting a new addition in the coming weeks; namely that all six Star Wars movies to date will be added to the VOD service.

There's more. Apparently, Disney and Netflix are currently negotiating a deal that will see The Force Awakens added to Netflix's library after the December 17th release.

As it stands currently, all six Star Wars movies are available on iTunes for renting and downloading - although it's not on any of the streaming services, such as Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.

There's nothing concrete being a landing page on US Netflix for The Empire Strikes Back, but it's definitely interesting to see. Fans will know that the Clone Wars animated series is available on Netflix, as is Caravan of Courage - The Ewok Adventures.

You've forgotten all about Caravan of Courage, haven't you? That's good. It's pretty terrible, in fairness.