Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise and announced they'd be releasing a few more films there's been no end of speculation about Episode VII. And naturally every actor under the sun has been asked if they'd think about appearing in the newest film. They'd all given pretty textbook answers, that is until HeyUGuys asked Jason Flemyng that all important question on the red carpet at the Seven Psychopaths premiere.

"Me and Matt have done nine films together, so I’m sure I'll get the call for Star Wars", the X-Men star said before realising that the journos on site were surprised to hear his First Class Director Matthew Vaughan's name mentioned. Whoops, and we thought Trappatoni was the only one dealing with cats and sacks. Flemyng quickly backtracked saying "I think that's, er yeah, he's interested, yeah. Bar the deal. Yeah, I mean I think". Oh Jason, we hope that hasn't ruined your chances!

There's hope for him yet though as nobody has been officially confirmed to Direct Star Wars Episode VII, which will hit cinemas in 2015.