Film romances are so commonplace they're hard to keep track of but there's one in particular that has kept our attention for nearly two decades and is still as strong as ever. Who you make ask are we talking about? Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann of course. Leo and Luhrmann have a real love affair, or at least they have a love affair as fellow filmmakers that is.

In 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio came to prominence as a blockbuster actor with the Luhrmann directed film Romeo+Juliet. This year's soon to be hit The Great Gatsby reunites the pair for a second time, yet this is not the end of the bromance if Luhrmann has anything to say about it. Keeping in tune with the literary trajectory of their adaptations his next move is to cast Leo in another Shakespeare classic, Hamlet.

Speaking to THR, he stated 'to me, Gatsby is the American Hamlet. What else could we possibly do as a follow up? [...] It's just a dream at this point'. Another Leo film, it's a dream for us too Luhrmann. Certainly, both plots are filled with melancholy, madness and excess.

With other household names such as David Tennant having played Hamlet and Richard II, and our own Micheal Fassbender possibly set to play Macbeth in the near future, Shakespeare still has an overpowering draw for actors looking to stretch their acting loins.

Jay-Z featured on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, who do you think should play on the Hamlet adaptation? Snoop Lion anyone?