Everyone wants to jump on the superhero bandwagon these days, even multi-award winners like Denzel Washington who is allegedly in talks to play Green Lantern in the much hyped Superman v Batman flick. Why not, we say. We'd do it. Looks like a hoot.

The Oscar winner was first thought to be in the running to play Lex Luthor but Ace Showbiz report that Denzel is gearing up to take the role of goody Green Lantern; apparently, it's to prepare DC comic characters for the longed for Justice League flick. Since the Ryan Reynolds starring Green Lantern movie was so crap and will probably never get a sequel, Greeny simply has to appear in the next Superman movie. Hmm, yes. We think that's a good move.

Zack Snyder is taking the reigns of the superhero film which will reunite him with Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Also coming along for the ride is Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot who will be stepping into Wonder Woman's famous red riding boots (assuming they don't change the specifics of her costume. Oh God, we hope they don't!)