What the - ? Daniel Radcliffe has signed up for yet another new film? Is he secretly a Duracell Bunny in disguise? Because that would actually explain a lot.

Last week we reported that the wizard, I mean actor is set to star in a new sporting biopic and now The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that Daniel is to play another real-life character, this time journalist Jake Adelstein - who helped bring down one of Japan's most notorious Yakuza heads - in Tokyo Vice.

The upcoming flick will be based on Adelstein's memoir Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan where he chronicled his time spent writing for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Press Club.

You can next catch the actor formerly better known as Harry Potter in Kill Your Darlings which hits Irish screens on December 6th and you won't be able to avoid him in 2014 since he'll literally be in every second movie. Good for him we say!

Watch the trailer for Kill Your Darlings here: