Bradley Cooper: bad kisser or modest lip-locking messiah? OK so only those who have experienced the superstar's lip action can say for sure but according to the star himself he has not got game. At all. Speaking on this week's episode of The Graham Norton Show, Cooper said that while he and Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence won an MTV Movie Award for 'Best Kiss', she was not a fan of the Cooper moves.

"After the second take she said, 'You're a wet kisser'," he admitted. "You don't want to hear that. It was not a compliment." There's a good chance she was tongue-tangled (not literally, yuck) Bradley, and when lost for words what do you do but blurt out crazy crap? For someone who just starred in a film called Silver Linings Playbook, you're very quick to be down on yourself Mr C. It's fairly likely plenty of other gals would appreciate your smooch-ability anyway. Hint hint.