Ben Mendelsohn has consistently been one of the most talented and engaging actors in recent years.

Anything we've seen him in - Killing Them Softly, Netflix's Bloodline, The Dark Knight Rises, The Place Beyond The Pines - has marked him out as an actor to watch.

What's more, he's not afraid to mix indie / arthouse films with broad blockbusters. The Australian actor has been consistently linked with the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One which is due to begin shooting pretty shortly.

However, in a recent interview, Mendelsohn poured some cold water over the prospect of him starring.

"Well… I know that it’s something that’s being talked about. That’s what I definitely know. I’m waiting for them to call me and say, 'Hey, here’s the start date,' but you know, none of that’s yet taken place, but you know I’d be very happy to do it, let’s put it that way."


Director Gareth Edwards has already locked down Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones to play the lead, however the production has gone quiet since Star Wars: Celebration.

So, we're asking - what's the hold up? Is it money? Do they not think Mendelsohn's a good choice?

Because he is. He absolutely is. We can see his swaggering, nonchalant demeanour perfectly fitting into the grittier universe that Rogue One is hoping to explore.