We reported previously that Christoph Waltz was being lined up as the next Bond villain.

Turns out, that may not be the case.

It's been reported - albeit not confirmed by official sources - that Andrew Scott, he of our fair isle, is being lined up as the next Bond villain.

Audiences will recognise Scott as James Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock, playing the super-villain of the series.

The end of Sherlock's third season saw (spoilers) Moriarty seemingly return from the dead to haunt Sherlock once again.

What do we make of this? Probably bullshit. Scott's a great actor and we love him as Moriarty - but a full-on Bond villain? No, definitely not.

What's more likely is that he has a smaller role in the film, possibly a henchman or something - but definitely not the lead villain.

All this, of course, will be confirmed on Thursday when the full cast and title is revealed of Bond's 24th outing.


via Mirror.co.uk