The internet got very excited with reports that childhood favourite Labyrinth could be getting another movie.

We hope that David Bowie still has those incredibly, ridiculoulsy over the top tight pants somewhere after a report in Variety this weekend listed a few ideas that the Henson company has been working on, including a sequel to Labyrinth.

However, Entertainment Weekly were on hand to dampen the enthusiasm of any fans who were getting carried away with the news that the 1986 classic was about to come back into their lives to state that their sources say "there are currently no plans to reboot, revive, or make a sequel to Labyrinth", but that it merely gets a mention at meetings as a possibility, with nothing in development at the moment. 

While there's definitely an audience for a nostalgic return to the movie, many were anxious that it could end up being a rather poor imitation of a classic or a terrible reboot that didn't star David Bowie or Jennifer Connelly, so for the moment it looks as though it might remain shelved, but never say never. Apparently, the other "legacy titles" that Variety spoke of that are on the way are a Fraggle Rock movie and a sequel to The Dark Crystal, so at least we can look forward to those...

Via Variety and CinemaBlend. Main pic via Cinematronix