It's been 24 long, brutal agonising years since humanity has benefited from a new 'Police Academy' movie, but the wait may at long last be over.

In a brief Twitter Q&A, Steve Guttenberg shone a beacon of light for all mankind and confirmed what was only spoken of whispers and dared to be dreamed into reality - an eighth 'Police Academy' movie is in the works. Here's the tweet in question. Let joy be unfurled across the land and let the children sing of this day in years to come.

Of course, there's been no word from any studios yet and industry bible THR seemed a little bit perplexed about the whole thing, so it may just be that Steve Guttenberg is being funny - but why? Why get everyone's hopes up like that? Why do that to people? Don't know they know our suffering?

The last 'Police Academy' was in 1994 and was, of course, 'Mission To Moscow' which saw the gang in post-Communist Russia trying to fight the mob and presumably the dawning realisation that there would be no more 'Police Academy' movies. Guttenberg bowed out of 'Police Academy' after the fourth one, 'Citizens On Patrol', so it'll be interesting to see if this actually comes to fruition. A reboot was mooted back in 2014 with Key & Peele attached to produce, but nothing ever came of that and it seems unlikely that they're involved here with this.

In the meantime, let's blast what's arguably one of the best comedy soundtracks out there.