Pierce Brosnan is going to show us how to get down and dirty... like an Englishman. What, are you suggesting, Mr. Brosnan, that they can do it better? Pffft. You're Irish? Where's your loyalty?

Alas, this is not a self-produced demo, it's a movie, called 'How to make love like an Englishman', starring Jessica Alba and Kristin Scott Thomas. Odd casting? Well maybe, but it's a romantic comedy, directed by Tom Vaughan (Cold Feet), so let's reserve judgement for now.

As per the former 007 agent himself, this film centres on a Professor at Cambridge University who upon meeting his match in Kristin's character, is forced to reconsider his life fuelled by hedonistic desires when he ends up getting her graduate student stepsister (played by Alba) up the pole.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs, indeed.

"This has long been a passion project for Beau and me. We are so thrilled that the project has come together with this illustrious group of actors and filmmakers." And by Beau we presume he's referring to a producer, and not some boyfriend we don't know about.

So Jessica Alba and our very own Mr. Brosnan in the sack, eh? Certainly not the most obvious of pairings we've ever considered.