Remember what Gabrielle said; dreams CAN come true. They certainly have for one Mr. Simon Delaney. He's just landed a role in a big budget Hollywood flick opposite none other than Vince Vaughn. Reports predict this is the break Delaney needs to fully crack America; his turn in The Good Wife having pierced the initial film. The man from Lusk will star as Vince Vaughn's brother in a movie called 'Starbuck'. Here, Vince plays a middle-aged man who, as a former sperm donor, finds out that he has fathered 533 kids, many of whom now want to meet him. Starbuck, financed by Dreamworks, is already being touted as one of the biggest comedies to be released in America next year. Cobie Smulders from Avengers Assemble and How I Met Your Mother also stars.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Delaney said: "I've come close to getting big roles before but finally I've landed something on a scale beyond my wildest dreams."

The Zonad actor was shooting a movie in New York called 'Can A Song Save Your Life' (helmed by John Carney of Once and Bachelors Walk) when the role accidentally fell into his lap: "I had a few days off and just turned up to meet the casting agent. I was amazed when I got a call yesterday to say I had the role. Amazed because I'm playing Vince's brother, a New Yorker who works in the family meat-packing business. There's nothing Irish about any of it."

Filming begins on October 8th. Gewann Delaney.