The bare knuckle boxing Irish documentary, eh, Knuckle, has screened at Sundance and had a bunch of starry names fighting for rights to the film, according to

The flick, which apparently took 12 years to make, saw the likes of Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel and Robert Downey Jr. vying for remake rights. A deal is now being finalised for rights to go to the HBO and Eastbound and Down team of Jody Hill, Matt Reilly and (Kenny Powers himself) Danny McBride, with the intention to turn it into a series. The doc centres on two travelling families who deal with grudges by knocking the shite out of each other in illegal bouts. It was directed by Ian Palmer, and should also see a cinema release. 

Judging by the interest of the production companies of Butler, Diesel and Downey Jr. they probably had intentions of a movie. A HBO series, all be it one with a comedic slant given the Rough House production company, is probably a better idea.