As well as chatting to its director Olivia Wilde, we got to sit down with the stars of 'Booksmart' in an exclusive for Irish media.

'Booksmart' sees Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein ('Lady Bird') play Amy and Molly. The BFFs realise that they never got to party during high school because they were so busy studying to get into good colleges. Thus, on the eve before graduation, they decide to make it a night of partying that they'll never forget.

Kaitlyn and Beanie were so sweet when we talked to them. You can just tell they absolutely adore each other and are as close in real life as they are in 'Booksmart' (it's no wonder - they lived together during the shoot).

The actresses talked about fan-girling over Lisa Kudrow, who plays Amy's mom, during the shoot. They also loved their work with Will Forte and director Olivia Wilde.

They talked about the influence of teen comedy classics such as 'Superbad' and 'Mean Girls' on their new film. The actresses also talked about their careers - in TV and musicals, respectively - and efforts to refuse labels.

They also talk about where a sequel - 'Booksmarter' - could go.

'Booksmart' hits Irish cinemas on May 27.