Not to brag or anything (warning: what follows is a blatant brag), but at this stage I've interviewed quite a few A-Listers. Sometimes they're a bit hard to handle, or disappoint somewhat when you think of how much you've always loved them on screen (Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman) while others surprise you with just how lovely they can be (when really they're so famous and wealthy you'd expect them to a) have an enormous ego and b) employ a team to staff to alternate days of the week on which to wipe said star's arse). More often than not though, the bigger the star, the nicer they are, because they have nothing to prove.

The awesome Johnny Depp is one such actor who falls, thankfully, into the latter category. Sure, he's had a few misses in more recent years, but he's had a hell of a lot of hits too. And to top off his acting chops, despite owning an island of his own, he's as humble and down to Earth as they come. And very polite too.

I was the envy of all Depp aficionados this week when I headed over to a sweltering hot London (seriously, it was gross) to sit down with the man himself. Usually you get a handshake, a forced smile and you're shoved out the door to make way for the next bug-eyed journalist but with Johnny (yeah, we're on first name terms now), I got a head pat, a shoulder rub, about three handshakes and - wait for it - a kiss. And a photo. None of which happened while the cameras were rolling, just in case you don't believe me. He's that rare breed of celebrity who makes whoever he's talking to feel important and worthy of his time. And of course we are, but some other superstars would forget it.

He spoke fondly of his appreciation for his fans, how his friend and mentor Marlon Brando would have been most proud of his performance as Tonto in The Lone Ranger (despite the fact that it's divided critics), and his love for all things Irish (Guinness, in particular). Mr Depp's warmth and enthusiasm towards us Paddys speaks for itself in this interview, so without further ado, enjoy!

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