Ireland's directing talent truly is going from strength to strength and this is just more evidence of that fact.

Kirsten Sheridan, who directed Robin Williams and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in heartwarming musical drama August Rush, is officially signed on to direct the Amy Winehouse biopic.

Sheridan, who's also on scripting duties, will be directing Noomi Rapace as Amy Winehouse with a release date expected in the near future. As it stands right now, the all-important music rights are being negotiated and it'll take some time before we have a solid release date.

For one, it's understood Mitch Winehouse, father of Amy, is prepping his own documentary to counter the accusations made by Asif Kapadia in the recent Amy documentary. Not only that, the estate of Amy Winehouse is currently entrusted to Mitch Winehouse, so it's entirely possible that he might withhold the rights until he sees the script and makes a judgement on it.

So, what do we think of Noomi Rapace as Winehouse? There's definitely a facial similarity and we're guessing Rapace will be getting singing lessons to get her vocal chords in order, so that's good. She's an incredibly gifted actor; you just have to look at the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movies to see that, so there's no question of her ability to do the role.

It's more just how it's going to approach the entire subject matter and whether or not it'll add anything to it that Kapadia's documentary hasn't.

We'll be keeping an eye out in the meantime.