We all grew up knowing the tale of Dracula, even if our first meeting with the Count was the vegetarian cartoon Duckula version, we knew he was supposed to be a bad guy. We still have nightmares about Gary Oldman's terrifying version of him in Francis Ford Coppola Bram stoker's Dracula back in 1992.

This latest movie about the vampire however gives us something we have never seen on screen before, the back story of Dracula. Just where this terror of the night came from and how he became the blood sucking vampire we know from Bram's books.

The movie has a notable Irish undertone too, first off obviously because Stoker was born here, but more so because not only was the movie filmed in its entirety in Northern Ireland, it also has an Irish director.

This will mark Dubliner Gary Shore's first feature film and no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from him in coming years.

Gary joined stars of the movie Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon in Dublin this week, and we managed to head along to get a quick chat with them.

Have a watch below, and if you fancy reading a review of the movie you can do so righhhhttt here.