The director of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back has one hell of a resume. Between The Last Samurai, Love & Other Drugs, Defiance, and Pawn Sacrifice (a Bobby Fischer movie starring Tobey Maguire), he has some impressive films to his name, as well as demonstrating a range of talents between directing, writing and producing.

We sat down with Ed Zwick to talk about working with Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back sees the pair collaborate for the first time in thirteen years, when they made The Last Samurai together.

We also chatted about a potential future project of Zwick's, The American Can, a drama set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which stars Will Smith, and about The Great Wall. Zwick penned the story for this Matt Damon starrer about the construction of the Great Wall of China. It faced some controversy of late over its alleged whitewashing.

Here’s what Zwick had to say: