Since Disney took control of Lucasfilm, it's been one after the other after the other with Star Wars.

Yet, the whiff of another Indiana Jones movie has been hanging in the air and fans have been eagerly awaiting any kind of news or information on a potential fifth instalment.

Rumours have abounded for some time that Chris Pratt's involved, that Spielberg is returning, that Kasdan is writing a script and Shia LaBeouf's effigy is going to be burnt on-set to expel any of the bad juju from Crystal Skull.

Well, you can put all that talk on the backburner because Frank Marshall, wife of Kathleen Kennedy and producer of the original series, has said in a recent interview that there has been "no discussions on Indy 5 to date."

Not only that, Pratt has repeatedly denied the rumours that he's playing Jones AND he's going to have his plate full for quite some time.

There's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on the way, Jurassic World is DEFINITELY getting a sequel, Passengers with J-Law is happening and we're guessing Spielberg et al are pretty damn busy.

Yet, for whatever reason, the rumours of Indy 5 just won't go away. Just after said confirmation by Marshall, another rumour's surfaced that Lucasfilm is looking at 2018 for Indiana Jones 5.

The source is considered trustworthy, but we honestly think it doesn't makes sense at all.

As we said, Pratt - who is the most likely candidate to replace Harrison Ford - is going to have his plate full for the next few years. Plus, Pratt's been pretty open about the fact that he wants to hit a certain monetary figure and age and retire early.

Plus, Lucasfilm / Disney are going to have their hands full with Star Wars for a good while longer. It's definitely not at a stage where they can put it on auto-pilot and let the money roll in.

You've got Episode VIII and IX, any number of spin-offs, TV series and everything else to manage with Star Wars. Does Kathleen Kennedy really want to throw Indiana Jones and the expectation that comes with it on top of her to-do list?

Absolutely not and she'd be crazy to do so. People still have a bad taste in their mouth and when it comes Crystal Skull, so there's nothing to be gained by taking another run at it just yet.

Best to let the dust gather over it for some time, make sure the script is absolutely right and try again.

What do you think? Do you want to see another Indy 5?


Via /Film / AICN