As we all know, Disney likes money - and Black Panther has made a vibranium-filled mountain of money so far at the box office.

In fact, the film is set to open in China this weekend where it'll likely scoop up something in the region of $60 million to add to its current tally of half a billion - $516,628,076 precisely - so far. In an interview with, Marvel chief Kevin Feige was quizzed on the topic of Black Panther 2 and said that there wasn't anything to reveal specifically at the moment, "other than to say we absolutely will do that."

Feige went on, saying that there's already been plenty of talk about what'll happen in Black Panther 2, and that there's "a pretty solid direction on where we want to go" with it. Again, is any of this a shock?

Absolutely not.


Via EW