Now usually we're a little wary when it comes to sequels, it's fair to say there have been few that have really impressed us, even fewer that have trumped the original (The Godfather Two, perhaps?). One such sequel soon to reach our cinema screens is the follow up to 21 Jump Street, with the rather inventive (not) new title of 22 Jump Street.

Ice Cube (yes, we take everything Ice Cube says as gospel, OK?) has spoken out about what fans can expect form the second instalment and apparently shit gets a whole lot crazier. For those whose memories may be hazy, Ice starred in 21 as Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum's boss, Captain Dickson.

Speaking to Collider, Mr Cube (is that what we're to call him?) said: "It's a lot crazier! If you give Phil Lord and Chris Miller more money, then they come up with more crazy stuff. We shot a lot of crazy s**t. We had fun. We were able to improv as much as we wanted. We were getting nice, juicy takes of all kinds of crazy stuff. You could damn near cut two movies together."

Sounds promising, but will it deliver?

On a random side note, Ice Cube is now 44 years of age. And Dr Dre is 48. I never would have thought that bad-ass rappers would age at all, did you? Will Dre and Cube be rapping about guns and hoes and what have you well into their fifties and sixties? Now there's something to mull over while you chow down on your cornflakes.